About Us:




Ellie’s Miniatures started life as a school project back in 2013. Since then it has developed a life of it’s own and has gone from strength to strength.


We aim to produce high quality figures that cover a range of time periods including the Franco Prussian War, American War of Independence and The Mexican Adventure, whilst hoping to expand into a wider variety of different periods.


Our team includes talented sculptors such as; Carl Reid, Adam  McMasters and Chris Keogh who’s work is apparent throughout our range of products. We are also blessed to have one of the last masters created by the late Pete Morton who’s memory will live on in the masters he produced throughout his career.


Ellie’s Miniatures are also pleased to have strong artists such as; Pepe Gallardo, Steve Reynolds, Bill Sprint & Paul Derek who help bring our figures to life.


I hope you enjoy our products and keep following us, to keep up to date with our progress.




Kind Regards



Ian at Ellie’s Miniatures