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The Dance of Death

An update on this exciting project by Ellie's Miniatures.


Dear customers, here is an update on the Dance of Death we are now pleased to say that we are now on track to have all the pre orders shipped out shortly. We thank you for your understanding with this.

Ellie’s Miniatures has gone under some changes over the past few months which have caused a late release date for the project. We are now very much back on track and ready for the new ventures we have in the pipeline for the future.

We have a small number of the limited edition left for those who wish to take this exciting vignette on.


Kind Regards Ian & Ellie


The Range of Figures Currently Available

from Ellie's Miniatures


75mm French

Zouave 1870


75mm French

Line Infantry

NCO 1870



75mm French Turco

Algerian 1870

1/9th Bust

Chasseur d'Afrique 1870 

75mm Garibaldi

Volunteers 1870 


75mm Imperial Guard

Chassuer a' Pied

Trumpeter 1870

75mm French


Drummer 1870

75mm French Officer - Chef de Bataillion, Tirailleurs Algeriens 1870

75mm Prussian Jaeger 1870


Brothers In Arms 1870

1/9th Bust American

Continental Infantry 1778


75mm American War of Independence Officer 1781


1/9th Bust British 17th

Light Dragoon 1777

1/9th Bust Hussar

Lauzun's Legion 1780

1/9th Bust French Bombardier de la Marine 1780

75mm 42nd Highland Officer 1760


1/9th Bust Continental Marine 1775



1/9th Bust Confederate Officer 1864

75mm Confederate Cavalry Trooper 1864

75mm French Foreign Legionnaire

Crimean War 1854

75mm French Chasseur d'Afrique

Crimean War 1854

French Hussar Front.jpg

75mm French Hussar 1812

Coming Soon

75mm Old Guard at Bay 1807



75mm French Officer Of The Old Guard 1805

The Fall Of Innocence 1815

1/9th Bust Colonel Charles-Louis Du Pin 1866

1/10th Bust German Kriegsmariner 1940

75mm British Naval Brigade 1880's

75mm Lieutenant Colonel Gordon 1897


1/9th Bust Sardinian Bersaglieri 1860 by Carl Reid


1/10 th Scale Vlad The Impaler 1462 Bust

1/10th Scale Bust

Sir Henry Hotspur 1404

75mm Venetian Archer 1500


1/9th Scale Bust Tamerlane (Amir Timur)